How to draw a
Dolphin in Motion

Are you ready to draw a dolphin in motion?


Good. Let's start.

Draw a simple line for the head and the back, such as the one on the right.



Draw one for rostrum and mouth.



This one is a bit harder.

Draw a line for lower jaw and legs, making sure it connects nicely with the other lines.

See the dolphin?



Draw the left pectoral fin.

Easy one.



Even easier.

Draw the right pectoral fin.



Now draw a dorsal fin on the dolphin's back.



Draw a nice eye (you may choose to try other kinds of eyes).

Your Dolphin in Motion is ready to walk!

(* but see my note)



You can now colour it. What about a bright orange?



If you want you can add underwear and a cool hat :-)


Try to draw one using this online drawing board.

Using actual pencils and white paper may be even more fun.


*) My note

You must be aware that real dolphins do not walk !

They don't even like to wear anything.

In fact, dolphins are wild animals living free in the ocean. They don't belong in captivity and they shouldn't be held in pools.

Would you like being held in a small pool or in a cage for your whole life? Of course you wouldn't.

Dolphins don't like it, either.



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