June 14-26, 2015
Research and Conservation in the Gulf of Corinth, Greece: Dolphins, Fisheries, and Cultural Heritage

This Texas A&M University field course consists of lectures, readings, and labs on the ecology and behavior of marine mammals, with emphasis on dolphins and other vertebrate fauna living in the beautiful Gulf of Corinth.

You will have opportunities to observe and record data on the marine fauna that lives in the Gulf, assisted by researchers who have been working in the Mediterranean for a long time.

You will visit fish farms and fishing ports, learning about Mediterranean fisheries and aquaculture.



Laboratory consists of hands-on experience of the marine environment from boats, readings, videos, interpretation and brainstorming sessions. 

Our base will be in the quiet historical village of Galaxidi, near the archeological site of Delphi.


Head of Expedition, Lectures and Labs: Dr. David Wells, Texas A&M University

Coordinator, Lectures and Labs: Dr. Giovanni Bearzi, Texas A&M University

Teaching Assistants and Field Guide: Silvia Bonizzoni, Texas A&M University

Field Assistant: Lavinia Eddy, Dolphin Biology and Conservation

This course fits up to 10 Texas A&M University students (either graduate or undergraduate).
Watch a short video
of a course held in 2014

This course is organized by Texas A&M University
in partnership with OceanCare and Dolphin Biology and Conservation