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Make the oceans a healthy environment for cetaceans and other marine species.

Produce and disseminate scientific knowledge relevant to this goal.

Build capacity and raise awareness to protect biodiversity, encourage appreciation and compassion for animals, and envisage solutions to achieve a sustainable and respectful co-existence.


We uphold the possibility of slowing down, stopping or reversing the damage caused by human activities to the natural world.

We long for a society in which people embrace their responsibility to preserve wildlife and protect the environment we all share.

Guiding values

We hold true to the vision that science must be inspired by ethical values and channelled by wisdom. We believe that science—rather than as an end—should be intended primarily as a tool to make human activities more sustainable and just, creating or restoring harmony within the natural world, and ultimately increasing joy of living and equality.

We value simplicity of life. We realise that our Vision entails personal responsibility, as well as modifications in individual and collective behaviour. In this we commit to reduce our own consumptive patterns, use resources wisely, respect all living beings and the environment, and enhance our understanding of the cause-effect relationships leading to environmental degradation and loss of biodiversity, as well as suffering and social disruption.

We refrain from harming life as a way of studying it.

We value diversity in our staff. We recognise that our Mission is best advanced by the contributions of individuals of diverse background, belief, culture and nationality.

We value sincerity, honest communication, healthy expression of disagreement and openness to divergent views. Our collaborators will be expected to work together in a framework of trust.

We embrace the precautionary approach as a guiding principle. We commit to using the best available science, a creative spirit and a non-confrontational attitude to devise innovative solutions to nature conservation problems, at scales that matter and in ways that will endure.