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Mariana Ferreira Da Silveira
Last update: July 2021

Mariana Ferreira Da Silveira holds a Ms.C. in Oceanography at the Federal University of Pernambuco (UFPE), Brazil and a B.S. in Marine Biology at Texas A&M University. In 2013, Mariana participated in TAMU's 1st Marine Biology Field Course in Galaxidi, Greece. Soon afterwards, she was involved in the management of the 1990–2013 bottlenose dolphin photo-identification catalogue stored at Dr. Bernd Würsig's Laboratory in Galveston, TX. In the following years Mariana joined the Dolphin Biology and Conservation team as a field assistant, contributing to TAMU field courses as well as to field data collection in the Gulf of Corinth. Her masters’ dissertation, under the supervision of Dr. Beatrice Ferreira, investigated a small-scale reef fishery in Northeast Brazil in a context of intense transformations that included the establishment of a Marine Protected Area and socio-economic developments. After completing her masters', she continued her work with artisanal fisheries as a researcher in Dr. Beatrice’s lab (Oceanic and Reef Ecosystems Research Lab/LECOR - UFPE) for another year. Currently, she is working in a group that studies the impacts of Brazilian's largest coastal environment disaster, the 2019 oil spill that spread across more than two thousand kilometers of the coast. Her research focuses on the impacts of the oil spill on fishing communities of the state of Bahia.

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