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Valentina Rossi
Last update: July 2019

Valentina Rossi is a M.Sc. student in Marine Biology at the University of Ancona. She holds a B.Sc. in Veterinary Nursing at the University of Udine, which also provided her with opportunities to track wildlife. She attended a course on Marine Mammal Medicine in the Tuscan Archipelago, a field research course on cetaceans in the Strait of Messina, and an Erasmus exchange programme with Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, Spain. Valentina is widely interested in marine mammal behavioural adaptations to various human impacts. For her B.Sc. thesis, she investigated the effects of marine traffic on bottlenose dolphin behaviour off the Atlantic coast of Galicia, Spain. Valentina collaborates in field research and other activities conducted by Dolphin Biology and Conservation in the northern Adriatic Sea.

e-mail   rossi.valentina001#gmail.com.(replace # with @)