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Photo albums

These albums, available on YouTube, feature a selection of stunning photos taken between 2011 and 2022. Best viewed on a large monitor with audio on.


Mediterranean Dolphin Seascapes (10:45)
100 awe-inspiring, meditative photos of bottlenose dolphins and striped dolphins from the seas of Greece and Italy.
  Mediterranean Striped Dolphins(4:20)
50 images of striped dolphins from the Gulf of Corinth, Greece.
Mediterranean Bottlenose Dolphins(4:22)
50 images of bottlenose dolphins from five Mediterranean areas.
  Mediterranean Fisheries (7:09)
90 images of fish, fishers and fishing boats in several Mediterranean areas.

Dolphins and Trawlers (4:07)
50 images of bottlenose dolphins foraging around trawlers, and of operating trawlers.

  Dolphins and Fish Farms (4:22)
50 images of bottlenose dolphins foraging and socializing around fish farms in three areas of Greece.

Dolphins around Humans (5:16)
60 images of striped, common and bottlenose dolphins interacting with boats or approaching human settlements.


On our Boats (2:50)
30 images of life on board our research boats.