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We have been raising public and institutional awareness in a variety of ways, presenting our work to audiences including students, teachers, and fishing communities in Italy, Greece and other nations.

We involved people from around the world in dolphin research programmes, letting them know about cetacean research methods and ways of contributing to marine conservation.


Through marine biology field courses, internships and research assistantships, we hosted students and young scientists at our field stations, training and encouraging them to conduct conservation-oriented studies with a focus on marine mammals.

We have been providing thesis supervision to selected students, in collaboration with several Universities in Italy and abroad.

Our suggestions on becoming a cetacean researcher can be viewed HERE.


We regularly organise presentations at kindergardens, primary and secondary schools, high schools and universities, to make young generations aware of the need to protect dolphins and marine biodiversity.

Capacity building and education activities have included cetacean conservation workshops, seminars and marine biology courses organized in collaboration with Texas A&M University and OceanCare.


We manage a Blog and a Facebook page where we regularly post photos and news.

Finally, we raise awareness and disseminate information through scientific publications, encyclopedia entries, popular articles, opinion papers, video documentaries, professional photography, interviews and various digital media (see some examples below).

  Our Friends the Dolphins (1994)  
    An educational FREE colouring booklet available in 12 languages  
    Please choose a language to download the booklet:  
  Grieving Striped Dolphin  
    A short video on epimeletic behavior performed by a striped dolphin in the Gulf of Corinth, Greece  
  Marine Biology Field Course  
    This Texas A&M University course (MARB 407/607) consisted of lectures and labs on the ecology and behavior of marine mammals. The course provided opportunities of observing marine fauna, assisted by experienced researchers, and included visits to cultural heritage sites and fishing ports. This short video shows some of the activities conducted during the course held in 2014.  
  The Dolphins of Corinth  
    A video documentary featuring some of our activities in the Gulf of Corinth, Greece (author: Jens Kramer / Design Armada)  
  20 September 2014  
    A short video of an encounter with striped and Risso's dolphins  
  Striped and common dolphins (2013)  
    Underwater footage of the two species swimming together  
  Dead Turtle Story (2013)  
    An encounter with a bycaught loggerhead sea turtle  
  Mediterranean Jelly Dance (2013)  
    A Cotylorhiza bloom of in the Gulf of Corinth, Greece  
  Encounters Among Waves (2011)  
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  Artisanal Fisheries in the Gulf of Corinth (2013)  
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  Dolphins of Evia (2011)  
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  Delfini e Pesca nel Sinis (2011)  
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  Dolphins of Slovenia (2012)  
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  How to Draw a Dolphin in Motion (2013)  
  DolphinPeople (2004) — in Italian, with English subtitles  
    The work of three researchers who study coastal dolphins in Greece. This video documentary highlights the importance of personal commitment to protect endangered marine mammal populations.  
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Dolphin Confidential — Confessions of a Field Biologist

A book by Maddalena Bearzi

Chicago University Press, 224 pp
Language: English; Year: 2012


Beautiful Minds — The Parallel Lives of Great Apes and Dolphins

A book by Maddalena Bearzi and Craig B. Stanford

Harvard University Press, 368 pp
Language: English (also available in French); Year: 2008


At Home with the Dolphins

A short chapter by Giovanni Bearzi in T. Frohoff and B. Peterson, eds. Between Species: Celebrating the Dolphin-Human Bond

Sierra Club Books, San Francisco, pp 104–109
Language: English; Year: 2003